About the Book

I doubt this is the first time that you have wanted to start running. You have considered running, thought about running. You have started and stopped … wished and wavered … pittered and pattered. You’ve gotten psyched, gotten injured, and alas, find yourself here again, wishing that you could run and actually enjoy it.

Why running? Running is mysterious, intriguing, and controversial. Running is timeless, simple, fundamental … and runners have super butts, awesome legs, and sweet abs. We all begin running for different reasons. Are you interested in solitude, decreasing stress, jiggle-less legs? Do you crave relaxation, higher levels of fitness and physical challenge? Do you want to learn a new skill or develop a healthy pastime? To begin again something you started years ago? Running does all of this and more. It can even help us get in touch with the spiritual, peaceful part of who we are while torching calories and blasting fat.

So what does it take to be part of that community of endorphin-seekers who look great in a pair of jeans?

My book Six Weeks to Love Running will help you find the answers to these questions and more, as you develop a love affair with running and transform yourself, your body, and your life.

This engaging, easy-to-use book teaches you the secret to staying motivated and inspired.

In 6 weeks, you’ll gradually progress to running for 30 minutes straight! This program will enable you to:

  • Breathe without getting winded
  • Develop proper running style and stride
  • Wear the right clothing and sneakers
  • Begin strength training and stretching
  • to stay injury free
  • Enhance your weight loss strategies

WALKING program included!

Get ready to enjoy a new approach to running and fitness—learn the fundamentals, and fall in love with the heart and soul of running!